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Southern Lubricants is proud to offer Chevron Greases

Southern Lubricants is proud to offer Chevron Greases.

No matter what kind of machinery you operate, downtime is expensive especially when it's unscheduled. The best way to manage downtime, of Course, is to schedule maintenance regularly and to use the best lubricants you can buy.

That's why Chevron should be your grease supplier. Our research and technology facility in Richmond, California — one of the most extensive facilities of its kind in the world — has to date developed more than 40 different kinds and grades of grease. And we're constantly working to improve existing products and develop new formulations based on your changing needs.

Over the years, we've developed unique product formulations to address individual grease requirements. New machinery is constantly coming on-line, so our goal is simple: to continually improve our product line to keep up with new uses and technology. So no platter what type of environment — from automotive wheel bearings operating in sub-zero temperatures to spherical roller bearings performing in the drier section of a paper machine — Chevron has the grease you need to protect just about any piece of equipment.

And whichever Chevron grease you select, you can depend on high quality. Shift after shift. Drum after drum.

We've recently invested millions of dollars in our Port Arthur, Texas operation. One unique aspect of this facility is our Continuous Grease unit, a state-of-the-art operation that produces 5,000 pounds of high-quality grease an hour. Port Arthur can single-handedly provide Chevron greases for our customers across the nation, meeting day-to-day requirements as well as emergency needs.

Of course, people are just as important as product. Which is why we extensively train our lubricant territory managers and jobbers, they're specialists in the lubricant field. Drawing on their knowledge of our greases, our jobbers can analyze your unique applications. Together with you, they'll draw up a plan that will increase the efficiency of your lubrication requirements, lowering maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

We're eager to prove to you just how well the Chevron team can perform.

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